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We conduct a thorough organisational assessment and help countries and organisations to identify and create a plan to address their immediate and long-term capacity building needs. 

We are committed to create learning environments and social change laboratories. We enable countries and organisations and their staff to make better use of trends analysis, social research and outcome evaluation data to design superior programs and advocacy campaigns and to advance ongoing strategic thinking and action.

The Conference of the Parties, in its decision BC-11/1 on Follow-up to the Indonesian-Swiss country-led initiative to improve the effectiveness of the Basel Convention, thus mandated an expert working group to further elaborate and implement actions on initial short-term work items as listed in annex II to that decision, within available resources, and to develop a work programme for additional priorities and key work items and actions for the implementation of environmentally sound management.

The main objective of this activity area is to raise awareness of, and build capacity in, modern integrated waste management systems. Raising public awareness with respect to waste management issues is an important issue in the African countries.

The public are the major customers/beneficiaries of the existing solid waste management systems (irrespective of whether it is municipal, industrial, or hazardous wastes), but only a small proportion of these customers are typically aware of what happens to their country’s waste, and the full extent of services being provided.

Africa Institute is committed to deliver training, we also provide dissemination of information, consulting, awareness raising activities and technology transfer on matters relevant to the implementation of the Basel Convention and to the environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes in the countries we serve.

Our innovative programs are used by some of the largest countries in Africa.  With expert technical staff highly skilled in hazardous and other wastes management and maintenance provides the backbone of our training and consulting services.  A creative, innovative technology team brings the training to our clients in a highly engaging, entertaining and effective methodology.

The specific activities are:

  • training workshops,
  • seminars,
  • pilot projects on the management of priority waste streams,
  • the production of information material and guidelines.

With the current shortage of industrial skills talent it is often necessary to build from within.  Africa Institute’s industrial skills training in operations and maintenance provide a targeted, cost effective way to grow your workforce.  Our experienced consultants work with you to implement the processes necessary for maximum efficiency.