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Electronic reporting system of the Basel Convention


The objectives of this webinar are to provide an overview of the electronic reporting system of the Basel Convention and enhance understanding of the reporting obligations under the Basel Convention. It is primarily intended for newly-designated focal points for the Basel Convention.


  1. Overview of reporting requirements under the Basel Convention – 10 min.
  2. Highlights of the electronic reporting system of the Basel Convention – 10 min.
  3. Discussion – 20 min.


The national report for the year 2017 is to be transmitted by Parties to the Basel Convention to the Secretariat, as per Article 13 (3), by 31 December 2018. The information to be transmitted is at the heart of the mechanisms put in place by the Basel Convention to control transboundary movements of hazardous wastes. Parties should submit their reports online using the electronic reporting system (ERS) of the Basel Convention.
The Focal point of the Basel Convention is the authority responsible for submitting the national report. The webinar will assist Focal points in understanding the requirements for national reporting and the ERS.

Target Groups

Basel Convention national focal points, Basel Convention regional centres, and interested stakeholders.

Information for Participants

The internet-based software Webex will be used for the video/teleconference session which allows sharing voice and data, such as PowerPoint presentations. Webinar participants would need to use the following items: a computer, preferably a headset or a microphone and speakers and a good internet connection or otherwise a phone.

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