June 09, 2023

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“The effects of climate change are being felt all over the planet, but not equally” – Kofi Annan

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity today.

The effects of climate change are being felt all over the planet, but not equally.

In Africa, millions already feel the consequences of global warming.

Yet millions more have never reaped the benefits that citizens in countries with high carbon economies have long taken for granted.

Climate justice demands that the world seizes the climate moment.

Energy bottlenecks still constrain productivity in African agriculture and industry.

The region’s energy deficit holds back the economic growth needed to create jobs and lift people out of poverty.

In this year’s Africa Progress Report, we call on the international community to make commitments needed to limit global warming to less than two degrees.

The window of opportunity for avoiding a climate catastrophe is open – but it is closing and closing fast. Now is the time to seize that window of opportunity.

Together we can build an increasing momentum for change to win the war against poverty and build a fair and prosperous world.

Africa can leapfrog over the damaging energy practices that have brought the world to the brink of catastrophe.

This generation of African leaders has a unique opportunity to deliver on the promises of energy for all.

Unlocking Africa’s clean energy potential can drive growth and create jobs.

The Africa Progress Panel report of 2015 explains the bold steps that leaders globally and in Africa must take. And it holds Africa’s partners to account for the promises they have yet to keep.

This is a moment for human solidarity.

Above all, our report shows that the global climate moment is also Africa’s moment – Africa’s moment to lead the world.

Post source : www.africaprogresspanel.org

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