June 14, 2024

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Dr-Joseph-MolapisiThere is a new man in the drivers seat of the regional center. Following a very successful seven (7) years of growth, after the resuscitation of the institute under the leadership of Dr Taelo Letsela as the Executive Director, the Council found it fit to change the drivers when the second tenure of the incumbent ED came to an end in October 2016.

In his own words, Dr Molapisi says “I guess it is only proper for me to start off by introducing myself to the Africa Institute community.  I joined the Africa Institute as its Executive Director, following the end of tenure of Dr Letsela who ably steered the Africa Institute ship for close to 8 years.  Having served various institutions, the last institution I served before joining the Africa Institute is the Department of Science and Technology of the government of the Republic of South Africa.  I am South African.

In May 2017 when I joined the Institute, I inherited an organisation that is very stable, a well oiled machine manned by highly talented and dedicated individuals whose passion for the work of the Institute is unrivalled.  It is these individuals whose indefatigable pursuit of a hazardous free continent and the world has catapulted the Africa Institute’s performance to levels never imagined in a space of less than 10 years.  The Institute’s par excellence performance record speaks for itself and I am therefore not going to bore you with details you are certainly more knowledgeable about than I am.  Suffice to mention that I am honoured and proud to lead an organisation with such impeccable record.  I feel a lot under pressure not to drop the ball.

I have committed myself to building on the excellent performance of my predecessor to position the Africa Institute as a centre of excellence in the advancement of various chemicals and hazardous waste conventions.  I would like the Institute to assume greater responsibility in ridding the continent of hazardous chemicals and wastes and putting an end to their deleterious effects.  In positioning the Institute to take this charge, I intend, in the short to medium term, to put more emphasis on the following two critical and enabling aspects:

A             Increasing the Institute’s capacity.  The Institute’s current capacity, which has delivered its much vaunted successes, supresses its potential to expand and increase its reach beyond the current scope.  Its sustenance will limit its ability to assume greater responsibility in ensuring a seamless and expeditious realisation of the noble goal of a hazardous free continent.  For the Institute this goal remains sacrosanct and therefore significant efforts need to be expended at increasing the Institute’s capacity to position it to make a more pronouned contribution towards its advancement.  We are cognisant of the resource demands of this capacity increasing endeavour and that its realisation will be dependent on the success of the fundraising mechanisms to be embarked upon.  We, however, remain hopeful.

B             Increasing the number of countries having ratified the Institute.  In accordance with its mandate, the Institute remains of service to the broader African region and in particular the 23 English-speaking African countries.  The Institute’s provision of high quality service and the impact of its work can be greatly enhanced through the realisation of a critical mass of countries that have ratified it.  The necessity of this critical mass is in the greater synergy derived from working together for a common good.  To be realised, the Institute’s bigger goal of expanding its reach and assuming greater responsibility requires the greatest extent of this synergy.  We have planned to work hard to achieve the required critical mass.

I do trust that our success in these critical aspects will pave way to the Institute expanding its reach and ensuring the expeditious realisation of the goal of a hazardous free continent.  I look forward to working with all stakeholders in advancing these and other objectives.  As a servant of the Africa Institute community, I remain ready, willing and steadfastly dedicated to do everything possible to advance the objectives of the establishment of the Institute.  I promise to work hard to ensure that the Institute is properly positioned to be of great service to all its stakeholders in pursuit of its stated objectives.  I invite all of you to journey with the Africa Institute on the path to a better and hazardous free continent

Post source : Africa Institute

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